Pumpkin Pie Secrets Plus A Gluten-Free Version


Aberrant Crochet (TM)

I love the Thanksgiving time of year.  We didn’t keep Christmas when I was a kid, so Thanksgiving was the one time each year that I got to spend with all my other family members, no matter what our religious beliefs at the time.  That one holiday was responsible for most of my memories of my cousins and uncles.  And it’s the one day a year we stop and purposely, as a family, as an example to our children and as a nation, take time to be grateful.  I know many don’t, but in our families, we take it very seriously.  Perhaps because our American family roots, both mine and hubby’s, on all four of our parents’ sides, goes back well over 225 years.

There were many food traditions in my family during the fall and winter seasons, but one absolute must tradition every year (besides turkey) was to have…

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Fibromyalgia: Not for the faint of heart


I am having a rough time lately dealing with the realities of being sick. I am packing to move, which I would like to get done fairly quickly, but can only work an hour or two at a time with frequent breaks. I won’t be able to help load and unload, and heaven only knows how I’ll get unpacked. It is incredibly frustrating. And depressing. But it will get done, just a few days later than planned.

I do want to express thanks to my family for all their help, Grandma packed the kitchen-a huge help! I feel ashamed of myself, that I need the help.

A Visitor To Our Humble Home


We have a visitor this afternoon, who popped in on us slightly unexpectedly. I’m happy to report that within the 5 minutes between his calling and arrival, I was able to pick up and straighten slightly, and the house is a bit more presentable than usual.
I really need to revisit my plan to have a Cleaning Schedule. Maybe I’ll make a free printable of my schedule, geared toward those with chronic pain-and getting the necessities done!

Fibromyalgia Pain


I’m having pretty horrid fibro pain tonight, in the outside of my lower arms and wrists. I guess I’ve eaten too much crap today, that’s all I can come up with for a reason. But the weather is changing too, so that could be it. Its pretty miserable, and nothing to do about it. I”m sure though that the motional upset this morning also isn’t helping. I experienced a little of this pain last night, but not like this, not so bad. I’m tired and frustrated, wish I could get to sleep and get out of this pain.

Ginger Remarried


We got a bit of news this morning via my older sister’s facebook. My ex-step-mom has remarried, less than 7 months after my dad’s passing. Its amazing how something like that can affect you. We, sister and I, are in a tizzy this morning but trying to calm down. Its very upsetting on a lot of levels.

Most of all, though, I feel for Ginger’s kids. Daddy raised them, more so than he raised us, and his passing has affected us all differently, but we are all definitely still in mourning. Except Ginger, apparently. I had suspicions this would happen, but it feels really weird to have been “right” about it.

I wish I was wrong, I wish I had miscalculated, but most of all, I wish Daddy’s wife of 18 years had not disrespected him in this way.

Thankful Post: Gourmet Crochet


Gourmet Crochet

Happy Holidays Amigurumi designed by Carolyn Christmas


Sometimes, it nice to just think of thankful things. Today, I want to mention Gourmet Crochet: my mother’s crochet design and publishing company. Gourmet Crochet is an exemplary example of my mother’s crochet talent. Her amigurumi and wearables are my favorites, like 

Pamelyn Shrug by Gourmet Crochet

Pamelyn design by Gourmet Crochet


I’ve made Pamelyn twice or three times now-it is a lovely fast wearable to stitch with a lot of wow factor! I just finished it in Comfy by Knitpicks for my sister, and it fits beautifully.

So, in today’s thankfulness post, I want to say, “Thanks!” to my mom, for being an inspiring crochet designer, among many, many other things!

Sunday Funday Link Party

Its Sunday Funday! A day for fun and folic-and adding your link to my link party! Link up and comment if you want, I’ll be posting favorites after it closes in 24ish hours!

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I look forward to seeing your lovelies and browsing everything!

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